Star Wars Trivia Questions

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Download Free Printable Star Wars Trivia Questions to use for a Star Wars party or movie night! Print and cut the trivia cards featuring questions about the Star Wars movies and characters created by George Lucas, and may the force be with you!

star wars trivia questions with example printable game cards and printable star wars trivia sheets

Star Wars Trivia Game

Since the 1970s, Star Wars has played a major part in pop culture. The original Star Wars trilogy starring Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, and Harrison Ford as Han Solo kicked off a sci-fi franchise that not even Yoda would have predicted. Multiple films, spin off series, and TV shows are now part of the Star Wars world.

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I grew up with the Star Wars franchise, and I am a long time fan of the original trilogy. Now I get to share the entire Star Wars film series with my kids! We had a great time writing all of these Star Wars trivia questions and made some easy and hard. New fans and old fans alike will be able to test their Star Wars trivia knowledge!

star wars trivia questions with printable sheet examples

There is a lot of inspiration to choose from, so we picked some of our favorites for this printable game. This Star Wars Trivia Quiz covers several movies including the Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens, and the Disney+ series featuring my favorite bounty hunter, The Mandalorian.

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Star Wars Trivia Questions

star wars trivia questions printable game cards

Not to give anything away, I have covered the answers in the preview images. All answers are provided in the free printable. Here are some of the trivia questions included (there’s 24 in all!):

  • What Episode is The Force Awakens?
  • Who owned the Millennium Falcon before Han Solo?
  • Who is the queen of planet Naboo?
  • Where is Yoda’s home?
  • Who built C-3PO?
  • Who is the bounty hunter that captured Han Solo?
  • What are the Tattooine junk collectors called?
  • What is the other name of Count Dooku?

Join me on the Millennium Falcon and let’s fly to a galaxy far, far away to test our knowledge of the Star Wars world!

Download Star Wars Trivia Questions Printable

star wars trivia questions with printable sheet examples

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star wars trivia questions with printable sheet examples

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